Creative Direction & Art Direction & Design: Maider Mendaza

Creative Direction & Copywriting: Adrià Rosell

Design & Illustration: Perrine Honoré


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Changing the law to improve Catalan sport

With the aim of attracting finance, improving management and optimizing the international projection of Catalan sports, the UFEC (The Sports Federation Union of Catalonia) proposed a change to the national sports law in Parliament. In order for this amendment to be passed, it needed public support in the form of more than 50,000 signatures. For this reason, we defined a strategic plan and created a liquid campaign that reached a heterodox audience (sport federations, athletes and fans) within the broad scenario of official sports that are practiced in Catalonia.

We do campaign

Sport is a powerful tool for social cohesion and construction of national identity, an invisible link that drives us to improve as individuals within the collective. We sought to reinforce this feeling of belonging and positive attitude through a direct message of the proactiveness of the Catalan sports community in a call to action that shows everything that the change of law could mean for society: Fem (We do). A clear and direct statement that allowed us to structure different strategic declensions: We do future, We do values, We do sport, We do union and We do team.


Versatility as part of the narrative

We represented the great diversity of Catalan sport ecosystem through a series of illustrations of minimalist and iconic outline. Colourful and empathic images, easy to understand for all audiences, so that everyone could identify and feel reflected. In this way, we structured a versatile graphic system that was easy to adapt to all communication contexts, which through the great diversity of illustrations, colours and messages we could plan a strategic architecture in various phases and situations. Individual and collective, athlete and team, were merged as part of the narrative and purpose of the campaign