Creative Direction & Design & Art Direction: Maider Mendaza

Creative Direction & Copywriting: Adrià Rosell

Design: Ivette Pérez

Copywriting: Eric Johnson

3D & Animation: Fake Studio

Music: Alberto Perezsan


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Changing the rules of the game

Typerform is a startup that has revolutionized the world of online forms through conversational and dynamic software based on user needs for companies such as Apple, Airbnb, Uber or Nike. A new way of understanding brand communication that has led Typeform to create a blog with suggestive content for marketers that each month increases by an average of 70,000 users. With the aim of continuing to expand its reader base, our commission was based on creating a video teaser on its article Lead Generation in order to encourage a relevant click through and promove the blog content philosophy.

What defines a lead?

In 1967 the Danish filmmaker Jørgen Leth wondered what objectively defined the perfect man and woman. The result was a thirteen-minute short film that has been established as a reference work in the video art world. In The Perfect Human, Leth lists in a detailed and anthropological way all those observable elements that delimit a human being, unequivocally linking experience with knowledge. In The Perfect Lead, the video teaser of the Lead Generation article, we established a direct conversation with the viewers, as Typeform does with its users, and question them about their ideas on the nature and real usefulness of a lead. As Leth himself did in his time, we searched the keys to structure the perfect lead.

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Typeform 01 / 05

Data elevated to the category of new art

Disruption as a way to progress, sculpture as a the perfect representation of the human being in classic culture in contrast with a-gender as a paradigm of global and future humans, net art, eternal movement, fluid and liquid evolution, the image as an evocative exercise. These were the axes of the territory we designed for Typeform in which high technology development rises from the most human and organic perspective and big data analysis is the only way to understand the future.

Typeform 01 / 02