Creative Direction & Art Direction & Design: Maider Mendaza

Creative Direction & Copywriting: Adrià Rosell

Architecture & Render: Marta Banach

Render: Marcel Prats


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New narrative contexts

Pileje is a French laboratory pioneer in micronutrition and individualized phytotherapy as complementary pathways to allopathic medicine. For decades, due to its holistic approach to health, it has been an international reference in the diffusion and innovation of natural products and in individualized and preventive therapy. For the latest Infarma fairs in Madrid (2018) and Barcelona (2019), Pileje commissioned THIS is UMAMI to create a corporate stand that represents its philosophy and values as a laboratory singularly focused on natural medicines and health supplements.

Pileje 01 / 03

Space as a brand image

In a context oversaturated by stimuli, as is the case of a fair the size of Infarma, one of the main objectives of a stand should be to achieve prominence and visibility. However, it was necessary that this goal of standing out was intimately linked to the expression of the values that define Pileje. Therefore, our stands should be clearly self-explanatory and showcase their own concepts such as modernity, scientific innovation and the use of natural products. Our objective was for a visitor on entering the stand to feel as if they have distinctly entered the world of Pileje among the throng of stands. To achieve this, the presence of the brand had to be total, beyond its logo and products, creating an immersive environment through its colours and lay out to convey Pileje’s distinctive idiosyncrasies.

Pileje 01 / 02

The product as an axis

We designed the stands understanding space as a narrative entity in itself that would give absolute prominence to Pileje’s products and facilitate their differentiation and categorization. For this reason, we defined the nature of these spaces based on the elements that define Pileje’s corporate identity. The specific shapes and colours, extracted from the packaging of the products, allowed us to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the spaces around us, create a unique brand experience and achieve a fully coherent and synergistic communication.

Pileje 01 / 04