Creative Direction & Art Direction & Design: Maider Mendaza

Creative Direction: Adrià Rosell

Design: Ivette Pérez

Programming: Jonás Zamora


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Samuel Rosell

Visual identity and branding in the evolution of a discourse

The paths of evolution

The work of the painter Samuel Rosell seeks to transfer the main characteristics of the baroque art to the present and mix them with a deep sense of the symbology. His work is also strongly marked by his job as a medical doctor in Ibiza, which has given him a particular vision on life and death. To create his visual identity one of our main objectives was to preserve that influence of the classic art and the power of the symbols and to endow it with a contemporary sense of elegance and evolution. All the work on the typography has been made following the golden ratio and the structures of the sacred geometry.

Samuel Rosell 01 / 02

The power of the symbols

The creation of a recognizable iconography that conceptually synthesizes the universe of the artist is the foundation for the design of a mirrored recognizable territory. For its development we worked on a universal icon that embodies wide ranging values and readings: the snake. A symbol of change and life present in the great cultures of our history. In addition, the serpent coils itself in the Rod of Asclepius, symbol of Medicine and has a traditional healing significance in the Hindu kundalini. It is a powerful symbol, unfailingly linked to medicine but also to vital energy, regeneration and physical and spiritual healing. The snake is a symbol of life and change. The idea of transmutation and evolution.

Samuel Rosell 01 / 02

Levels of meaning

We established the lapis lazuli blue as the main chromatic identity of the whole branding. A choice based on the artist’s own colour palette and, again, on its implicit symbolism. The lapis lazuli is present in all kinds of healing and calming traditions. The gem itself has been prized since ancient Egypt and its uses are prolific throughout history from the Roman Empire to the Renaissance. In addition, its tonality is often defined as ultramarine blue (which carry us to the insular culture of the artist) and its associated metal is gold, which we have used as a complementary colour in all graphic applications. All these layers of meanings in the visual identity show the artist’s link with tradition, its evolution to modern art and they speak to us of healing and strength.

Samuel Rosell 01 / 02