Synesthesia is the joint assimilation of different senses in the same perceptive act. A person with synesthesia can hear colours, taste words or (even) feel the silk caressing the skin through the eyes.

This film is an exploration of the catharsis of feelings through shapes in motion; a capturing of the physical qualities of something as seemingly ethereal as the air; a study of the inherent subjectivity of any sensory experience.


Creative Direction & Art Direction: Maider Mendaza
Creative Direction: Adrià Rosell
Film Direction: Pablo Oliveró
Production: Garage Films
Direction of Photography: Román Martínez de Bujo
Stylism: Txema Ramírez
Make Up & Hair: Alfonso Díaz
Starting: Julia Johansen
Music: Alberto Perezsan
VFX & Animation: Fake Studio

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