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The work of the painter Samuel Rosell seeks to transfer to the present the main characteristics of the baroque art and to mix them with a deep sense of the symbology. His work is also strongly marked by his job as a medical doctor in Ibiza, which has given him a particular vision on life and death. In all the graphic identity that we created for him we wanted to preserve that influence of the classic art and the power of the symbols and to endow it with a contemporary sense of elegance.

To create his logo and his monogram, we have inspired on the shapes of the snake. A symbol of change and life present in the great cultures of our history. In addition the serpent coils itself in the Rod of Asclepius, symbol of the Medicine and has a traditional healing meaning in the Hindu kundalini.

We established the lapis lazuli blue as the basic chromatic identity of the whole branding. A choice based on the artist’s own colour palette and, again, on its implicit symbolism. The lapis lazuli is present in all kinds of healing and calming traditions, as gem has been much appreciated since ancient times and its uses go back from ancient Egypt, going through the Roman Empire to the Renaissance. In addition, its tonality is often defined as ultramarine blue (which carry us to the insular culture of the artist) and its associated metal is gold, which we have used as a complementary colour in all graphic applications.

All these layers of meaning in the construction of the graphic and conceptual identity show the artist’s link with the tradition and its evolution to the modern world, they speak us of healing and strength and, at the same time, they add the sea (his Ibiza) as significant and differential element.

A complete rebranding that we have applied to all types of graphic formats and, of course, to the new website that we have also designed.


Creative Direction & Art Direction & Design: Maider Mendaza
Creative Direction: Adrià Rosell
Design: Ivette Pérez
Programming: Jonás Zamora

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