Monólogo · Monologueando Summer Hit

After publishing a book written among 150 people through Twitter in our 2016 campaign, our new project for Monólogo for 2017 has been to launch the first hit of the summer created by 20 fans of the brand through social media. If the song of the summer is a national heritage that belongs to all of us, why not do it for once among all and for all? The actions of collective creation generated by the fans of a brand themselves are strategic positioning that defines us from our origins and we call it fandomaking.

Among the thousands of proposals received through the hashtag #monologueando, we selected 20 to create the lyrics of the song. Each one became a verse of the song. A lyric that speaks of empowerment and self-affirmation in a witty way. With each of the verses we create 20 different quotes to represent the personality and characteristics of its author. In addition, 3 of them became the labels of a new special edition of the bottles. Bottles with message and with designation of author.

Once the lyrics were created, we composed a song with tropical influences that breathes summer 100% and launched the project in June 2017 in a music video starring Spanish actress Leticia Dolera.

This campaign continues our entire line of work with Monólogo, in which we have set out to democratize the wine culture and away it from all the clichés and elitisms traditionally associated with the world of wine.


Creative Direction & Art Direction & Design & Photography: Maider Mendaza
Creative Direction & Copywriting: Adrià Rosell
Design & Illustration: Ivette Pérez
Programming: Jonás Zamora
Film Direction & Illustration: Lyona
Film Production: Astrolabi Films
Film Direction of Photography: Anna Molins
Make Up & Hair: Patricia Reyes
Stylism: Lara Isarte
Music: Alberto Perezsan
Starting & Voice: Leticia Dolera

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