Monólogo · Brand Identity

Monólogo is undoubtedly one of our favourite brands. With them we have created a new way of speaking and a brand identity absolutely original in the Spanish wine world and we have established a strategic planning based on an own concept: democratization of the world of wine. This concept territory and this positioning has led us to launch collective creation campaigns, designed the labels of their bottles, made hundreds of crazy photos and directed their social media.

With all this background we created and conceptualized the style guide of Monólogo for all its communication in the hostelry channel. With the aim that the identity of the brand could be applied in all types of supports, we designed a modular system in which the typographies, illustrations and colours that characterize Monólogo were introduced in a fluid and coherent way. This system of modules is the basis that supports all the structural logic of any adaptation that is needed. Starting from basic geometries such as the circle, the triangle and the square, we have developed a new system of shapes that defines an absolutely recognizable branding.

We have designed 54 geometric shapes that open a wide range of combination possibilities. Geometries to which it can applied, with total freedom, any of the colours that identify the brand.

Each of these forms is delimited by a module. The modules also include different typographies and pictograms and can be combined to create patterns that suit all uses in a heterogeneous way. In this way, we have a completely versatile structure that allows its application to all types of formats in a different, original and highly identifiable way.

Typography, colour, pictograms and messages are organized in a global geometric system made up of individual modules whose structure is 100% applicable to all necessary formats.


Creative Direction & Art Direction & Design: Maider Mendaza
Creative Direction & Copywriting: Adrià Rosell

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