Ella Speed · Lemon Juice EP

Lemon Juice is the second EP of Ella Speed. A work that continues to deepen, with all the energy that characterizes the band, in the most bastardized version of American roots music.

To be able to convey the musical heritage of the band and their personal scoundrel adaptation to today, we worked from a completely conceptual perspective and we let ourselves be influenced by all those legendary album covers of 70s and 80s we listened to non-stop in our teenage years. Albums whose images have emerged as real symbols of our aesthetic and cultural background.

With all that magma of images and sounds bubbling in our brains, we sought to create an absolutely iconic image, full of irreverence and irony, with a playful and vintage vision of sexuality: something that remains in your retina from the first moment you see it.


Creative Direction & Design & Photography: Maider Mendaza
Creative Direction: Adrià Rosell

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