Ella Speed · Ella Speed EP

Ella Speed is a duo that moves between the rhythmic patterns of Blues, the music of New Orleans and the impossible agreements of noise and 90’s shoegaze, will also including the most trashy garage.

For their first EP, we have enhanced the unmistakable feeling of authenticity and roots that we love about their music by means of a series of photographs taken in a very contrasted and defined black and white, which allows us to appreciate every pore and every wrinkle of their skin.

These classical photographs are violently modernized through a split, broken, aggressive layout that lets us reflect on the rawness of their sound and attitude in all its fullness. In addition, this division of the image gives us an added concept: the symmetry of their faces and the exact fit of their bodies shows us the fusion of their two components in a unique and vibrant Rock ‘n’ Roll animal.


Creative Direction & Design & Photography: Maider Mendaza

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